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Currently watching the TV Series of George Martin's Books. This is a rather complex story. So many individual main characters. So many interactions among them and so many parallel occurrences. I haven't read the books, but of course I'm planning to. Now that the second season is over and third season will take a while. And I should get on to it because I tend to continuously research about the characters I grow into and spoiling everything for me.

It's notable that there are a lot of strong female characters in the story. All on their own way. But I don't know what to think of Sansa. Yet. She started off as this naive, pampered girl, all throughout season 1 until her father's death. And then as a captive she subordinated herself to her capturers. Now considering her situation, it's important for her safety to put on an act, so I understand her actions. After getting ripped out of her world, she began to understand that the fairy tale life she's been hoping for does not exists and she's learning to make her way through. And that's remarkable for a girl at age of 12. Unlike Daenerys having the right people around her, Sansa is doing everything on her own. But sometimes she does things or doesn't- I don't know for sure if it's acting or it's just naive. I can't remember a specific scene but there were times, where I felt that way. It's like she knows what she has to do but not what she should be doing.

I have to read the books, I really do. Given the character developments happening around I'm sure there is still a lot stored in for her.


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