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From the past episodes we learned so far that Koyomi has no memories of the past or of her true identity at all. In episode 4 we learned a little bit more about her and get a glimpse of her relationship with Haruto. It seems she is dependent on him because he’s the one keeping her alive by giving her a healthy dose of ‘mana’ or magical energy.

I find this such a touching moment. First, it makes their bond somewhat special. It forms something private, intimate between them. It’s their thing. Second, I like how naturally Haruto does it and how it exposes Koyomi’s caring side. She actually fusses over him, her reluctance highlighting how much it upsets her and it went on throughout the entire episode which is a beautiful contrast to her opposing behavior towards Rinko and Shunpei.

*sighs* It’s useless to screencap every significant scene for me because that would end up screencaping the entire episodes. Nevertheless, the image of him running to her to revive her asap and the last fighting scenes where an extremely distressed Koyomi watches at the background were the most heartrending scenes I’ve seen so far in this season’s Kamen Rider and they made me debate even further why and how this is.

I reckon part of it is because of her memory loss: so far she doesn’t know who she is, where she comes from, where she belongs to, whom to trust - nothing.

Then later on it’s revealed that she actually was a gate who survived after a phantom was born out of her. That means that she had given herself up to her despair at the first place and long lost all hope. And obviously was meant to be dead. Confronted with this realization, she can’t even feel human, because she apparently isn’t one. And then Haruto helps her trust again, giving her a segment of hope which was ripped out of her as her phantom left her body. And yes, it obviously helped but sadly, given the consequences, she ends up as a burden to the only person she trusts most.

And this time it’s not Haruto who convinces the gate but it’s Koyomi who smacks some sense in him, and I really mean smack, because that girl is pissed :D

I love how she finally opens up on Rinko and Shunpei. Maybe not fully yet but she let’s them touch her and I think that means a lot to her. I’m not sure if it’s truly revealed what’s really going on with her because I do believe there is still a vital information left out which might be revealed later on in the series. Maybe she has another crucial purpose later on because now that it’s proven that a human can survive being a gate another way, there are so many possibilities how the story can go on. All the same, they do share the same life-saving experience they had with Haruto and I really, really love this awkward, yet lovely scene.

And at the very end, she even smiles at them, something she have done so far only to Haruto.

And it’s so difficult to oversee that it’s someone other than Rinko and Shunpei who is exceedingly happy about this.

This is why I love watching Toku: I’m 25 years old and a show like this manages effortlessly to make me have this kind of feelings…

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