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So I read Twilight.


The main reason I deliberately ignore all those romantic novels covered with brawny guys with half opened shirts staring gushingly at the woman in the cover is the kitsch! The stories tend to be alike with just different titles, overfilled with melodramatic scenes. It's just like watching a telenovela with a plot that doesn't differ from the dozen others.

There were so many stuff that I have read/seen/knew already from other readings or television. I lost count of how many times I bet what will occur next and was actually right about it, so that I ended rolling my eyes and cringing while reading. This Vampire-Human-romance is nothing new at all. It's just one of those bound to fail forbidden love mixed with many complications. Romeo and Juliet. Obvious inspiration of Meyer's.

I think it is due to the fact that I have been spoiled by J.K.Rowling and co. I have been reading Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series lately. The number of pages of the books range from 800 to 1200 because of the detailed story telling. It is a historic romantic novel with just the right amount of honey on it and a very thoroughly thought plot. Gabaldon took her time on building everything up and developing the characters and successfully added even more. Meyers, however, didn't bother with that. She just put everything on a silver tray without even really garnishing it, and just took off the lid and presented the characters/story without further ado. Voilà! Isabella Swan. Clumsy, trouble luring girl.

*deep breath*

Aside these flaws, I ,well...actually had fun reading the book. *facepalm* Especially the last hundred pages. Yes sir, I did get engrossed. I always enjoyed stories concerning a regular person being the protégé of someone strong and significant. I also caught myself every now and then daydreaming. One of the symptoms that I am enjoying something I'm currently reading. I wasn't even really finish with it when I already bought the second book. And when I was really done reading it, I used my advantage of living in the middle of the city and immediately went to the nearby theater and watched the movie - which I halfheartedly regret. I prefer my own imagination of the characters. Now I cannot erase the image of Robert Patterson in my head. And the guy playing Jacob. Plus, whoever directed the movie or wrote the script did a miserable job.

The story is superb. If only it had been written in a much better way.

Twilight is a teeny romance cliché. I have been told that the story is guaranteed to get better. I do hope it shall be. I'm relying on the next books. I'm already reading New Moon. Besides, after reading some reviews and commentary on Breaking Dawn, I found out that there will be nice Vampire-Human sex in the last book, so I'm looking forward to that.


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