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2012-10-09 10:00 pm
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That beautiful feeling

Going to bed with fresh clean sheets, after taking a shower after a long day of work.

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2012-10-04 12:32 pm

Kamen Rider Wizard 04-05

From the past episodes we learned so far that Koyomi has no memories of the past or of her true identity at all. In episode 4 we learned a little bit more about her and get a glimpse of her relationship with Haruto. It seems she is dependent on him because he’s the one keeping her alive by giving her a healthy dose of ‘mana’ or magical energy.

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2012-09-17 11:21 am

Kamen Rider Wizard 03

It’s too early, it’s just too early, but I already have shippy feels.

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2012-09-02 08:22 pm
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Kamen Rider Wizard 01

It’s a little too early to have an opinion about it right now since it’s the first episode and no subs are available yet. But, damn, I’m already pretty impressed.

And if something like this happens at such an early stage then that’s meaning something to me.

Not going into details now. I’ll do it later, perhaps, after I get a better understanding of the plot.
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2012-08-16 11:49 pm
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Omelette de cervelle

I just noticed - everything sounds like a delicacy in French.
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2012-07-29 05:09 pm
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Come on discipline, where are you?

I should study and stop browsing for mmf erotica novels, but ah *sighs* these novels have turned into my guilty pleasures...
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2012-07-17 05:11 pm



 Christ, this has been one of those 'where-have-you-been-all-my-life' moment again.

Affogato is an Italian dessert recipe consisting only of two ingredients: espresso and ice cream. Translated it means 'drowned' and the original name of this treat is actually 'Affogato al caffè', which means more precisely 'drowned in coffee'.

I wasn't really overly impressed by it, because it sounded like a simple iced coffee recipe so why bother trying?

But then a video of the recipe popped up in my subscription feed at youtube and the curious little culinary freak in me kicked me at my butt and after surfing around the internet I poured a shot of espresso over my ice cream.

It was devine. The ice cream melting in the hot beverage complemented perfectly with the strong coffee. Because it was only a shot of espresso it was less similar to a beverage but more like a dessert.

I used caramel ice cream with caramel sauce and little bits of candy in it. Then I drizzled finely chopped/shaved dark chocolate over it.

(Source: Savory Sweet Life, Backlot42)

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2012-07-14 08:10 pm

TMNT 2012

The boys are back and they look sublime. I can't say much about it right now, only that I love Mikey already and I kind of miss Raph's deep New York accent and Master Splinter is a little scary.

Apparently this is going to start from the beginning and retell their story. It's less darker than the 2003 series but less chessy than the 80's series and I hope it would stay that way. The 2003 series was what pushed me into appreciating TMNT on account of really getting to know the characters' actual personalities and stories. So if it will get a tad serious along the way, yeah, I'd be up for that.
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2012-07-08 02:41 pm


I'm just leaving these here:
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2012-07-06 12:21 am

Story of my life

You know your weekend is going to be good when you're drunk and it's thursday.
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2012-07-03 12:29 am
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Me and my problems

My router went crazy resulting me being disconnected from the internet 'for a while'. It took me about one and a half hour to 'repair' it (and with repairing, I mean unplugging and re-plugging the cables in the different slots until it worked again), and the whole process felt like it lasted a whole day.

Ah, Digital Age - where an internet connection problem causes a near death experience than a car crash.
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2012-07-01 11:09 pm

UEFA Euro 2012

Spain won scoring 4:0 against Italy. They are now officially World Cup and European Champions.

Germany would have sucked if they did manage to reach the finals.

Congrats Spain.

EDIT: Stupid me, I forgot they won the European Championship already last time.
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2012-06-30 09:34 am

Mrs. Cruise no more

Katie Holmes filed for divorce after six years of marriage to Tom Cruise.

Well, who did not not see that coming.

I am going to stick to my opinion that that guy is creepy as hell. I'm happy for every woman that he married and restrained during the years of union to have finally found their freedom. There is going to be a nasty fight for the sole custody of Suri, and I wish Katie all the luck.
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2012-06-11 01:37 am

Game of Thrones

Currently watching the TV Series of George Martin's Books. This is a rather complex story. So many individual main characters. So many interactions among them and so many parallel occurrences. I haven't read the books, but of course I'm planning to. Now that the second season is over and third season will take a while. And I should get on to it because I tend to continuously research about the characters I grow into and spoiling everything for me.

It's notable that there are a lot of strong female characters in the story. All on their own way. But I don't know what to think of Sansa. Yet. She started off as this naive, pampered girl, all throughout season 1 until her father's death. And then as a captive she subordinated herself to her capturers. Now considering her situation, it's important for her safety to put on an act, so I understand her actions. After getting ripped out of her world, she began to understand that the fairy tale life she's been hoping for does not exists and she's learning to make her way through. And that's remarkable for a girl at age of 12. Unlike Daenerys having the right people around her, Sansa is doing everything on her own. But sometimes she does things or doesn't- I don't know for sure if it's acting or it's just naive. I can't remember a specific scene but there were times, where I felt that way. It's like she knows what she has to do but not what she should be doing.

I have to read the books, I really do. Given the character developments happening around I'm sure there is still a lot stored in for her.
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2012-06-08 10:39 pm
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Went working out again. And it has been a while since the last time. Dear sweet Jesus, everything hurts.
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2012-06-07 08:49 pm
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Picking up on writing again

 I have forgotten how difficult it is to write. Given that I have abandoned my old fic and haven't written anything for ages, it's terribly difficult to find the right words for a worth reading story. And now that I have found my muse for another fandom the urge to write a story down is strong. Especially if said fandom do not offer that much fics for the pairings I ship.

But, ugh, the words, the grammar, the plot. It sickens me having a story in my mind and not being able to complete it because right there when I'm writing, I discover how incomplete the plot is and that results me leaving it.

I've got five stories going on in my head. All of them about Gokaiger. And I got one for Kamen Rider Decade. Each of them roughly sketched. Three of them I'm mainly working on. Two, where I am at the process of slowly and leisurely unraveling the whole plot. But it's progressing way too slow for my taste. Not one of them even have a title. I just saved them as MarvAhim, AhimCrew, MarvCrew, MarvAhim2, MarvJoeAhim and NatsumiTsukasa.
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2012-06-05 03:58 pm
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(no subject)

LJ is gradually decreasing. It's been a while since I have updated anything at all. I am guessing nothing will change about that for I am a sucker at writing a journal...
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2010-02-10 09:50 am
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2010-02-05 12:57 pm

New Fandom

A lot had happened lately. I have found interest on bugs ^^

Yeah, that's right, bugs. Men transforming in bug suits, to be precise.

It all started when I journeyed back to my childhood days, where I watched good old hero stuff. I just watched a few episodes of Power Rangers to reminisce the good old days and then remembered, back in the Philippines, that I watched the asian versions too. And found them much engrossing than the american versions.

So with a little bit of researching and youtube's recommendation and help, I began watching Sentais. That's just hentai with s :P. And then while watching the current Sentai of 2009/2010 I stumbled upon another childhood hero I vaguely remeber: Kamen Rider, also known as Masked Rider in english. It was a crossover episode of the Samurai Shinkenger and Kamen Rider Decade. So I tested the waters and dipped my little toe in the Kamen Riders Series Pool, and...well...

The Kamen Rider Series and Super Sentais are from Japan and are so called tokusatsu dramas. Tokusatsu are live action film or television dramas that usually features superheroes and makes considerable use of special effects (tokusatsu literally translates as "special effects").

One considerable note here is how the ratings  in America and Japan differ. There are some themes in the Japanese kids show that might not be suitable for children. That's why those tokusatsu dramas have a much more mature touch than the americans kiddie hero stuff. 

That's how it happened folks.

A warning on my flist: expect me to ramble about these stuff in near feature.
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2010-02-01 05:34 pm
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Hello LJ, I'm still here

Well, it has been quite a while since I've posted anything here. :-/ I feel terribly bad for neglecting my journal. Also feel bad for my flist, but real life have just been bugging me with stuff. I'm in my 5th term now in the university here in Darmstadt and from the beginning I have been pretty much occupied with studying and reviewing. Halfway every term I am busy preparing for my exams and I haven't even written the last one, the next term starts already. *sigh*

We do not really have spring break here, or any kind of semester break. The first three months of the term, we have lectures, projects and stuff. At the last three or two months of the term, our exams start. Therefore, even though the lecture period is done, the real hardship begins.

I call this period 'Meine dreimonatige Isolation'.