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You Are 73% Sexy

Your Sex Appeal Is: Extremely High

You're very sexy. You just have that certain something that takes over a room.

You know how to attract, entice, and keep whoever you want. You are truly appealing.

Now that pushes one's ego...
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What Kind of Reader Are You?
Your Result: Literate Good Citizen

You read to inform or entertain yourself, but you're not nerdy about it. You've read most major classics (in school) and you have a favorite genre or two.

Dedicated Reader
Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm
Book Snob
Fad Reader
What Kind of Reader Are You?
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Jan. 13th, 2007 07:58 pm
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Your Mind is PG-13 Rated

Your mind is definitely a little dirty. You're naughty, but not trashy.

You don't shy away from a dirty joke, and you're clearly not a prude.

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On the twelfth day of Christmas, jemmir sent to me...
Twelve sudokus drumming
Eleven chocolates piping
Ten blogs a-leaping
Nine fanfictions dancing
Eight somethings a-milking
Seven xsay_goodnights a-swimming
Six strutyourstuff6s a-laying
Five mi-i-i-istress_gwens
Four rogue_lanes
Three betas
Two beta readers
...and a beta in a peter/wendy.
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*smacks face* I'm a kid I know...
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Okay, another one, since I was so touched by [ profile] rogue_lane *giggles* (I love you too, hon!)

In 2007, jemmir resolves to...
Keep my photoshop clean.
Give some beta readers to charity.
Become a better beta.
Spend less time on fanfiction.
Buy new betas.
Put fifty xsay_goodnights a month into my savings account.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

And don't see this as a threat [ profile] mistress_gwen. I'm not going to give you away that easily. This is not the first New Years Resulutions I'm not bothering to fulfill.
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Eh, got this from [ profile] rogue_lane. I kinda liked it and so I made one for me too.

If I was a junk, a perfect junk, how would you know it was really me?

Which movie was this quote from?

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You Are A Romantic Realist

You tend to be grounded when it comes to romance.
Sure, you can fall hard... but only for someone you've gotten to know.
And once you're in love, you can be a total romantic goofball...
But you'd never admit it to your friends!

No no no no no! That's not true! That's not true! It's...

...dead true. ;(
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You Belong in Spring

Optimistic, lively, and almost always happy with the world...
You can truly appreciate the blooming nature of spring.
Whether you're planting flowers or dyeing Easter eggs, spring is definitely your season!

Yes, partly that's me ( you can erase the optimistic part), and I love my school for giving us lovely students a nice free day...
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You Are 60% Grown Up, 40% Kid

You've grown up a good bit, but you still have a way to go before you're emotionally mature.
You have the skills to control your emotions, you just have to use them.

Uh huh...
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You're a LiveJournal Newbie!

You haven't been sucked in by LiveJournal... yet.

Maybe you haven't had an account for long - or maybe you haven't spent enough time exploring LJ.

Don't worry - a few ego strokes thrown your way, and you'll be hooked. Patience.

So I'm still a newbie. I don't know if I should be proud, happy, relieved or disappointed... :(


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