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2012-07-14 08:10 pm

TMNT 2012

The boys are back and they look sublime. I can't say much about it right now, only that I love Mikey already and I kind of miss Raph's deep New York accent and Master Splinter is a little scary.

Apparently this is going to start from the beginning and retell their story. It's less darker than the 2003 series but less chessy than the 80's series and I hope it would stay that way. The 2003 series was what pushed me into appreciating TMNT on account of really getting to know the characters' actual personalities and stories. So if it will get a tad serious along the way, yeah, I'd be up for that.
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2012-07-08 02:41 pm


I'm just leaving these here:
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2012-07-06 12:21 am

Story of my life

You know your weekend is going to be good when you're drunk and it's thursday.
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2012-07-03 12:29 am
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Me and my problems

My router went crazy resulting me being disconnected from the internet 'for a while'. It took me about one and a half hour to 'repair' it (and with repairing, I mean unplugging and re-plugging the cables in the different slots until it worked again), and the whole process felt like it lasted a whole day.

Ah, Digital Age - where an internet connection problem causes a near death experience than a car crash.
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2012-07-01 11:09 pm

UEFA Euro 2012

Spain won scoring 4:0 against Italy. They are now officially World Cup and European Champions.

Germany would have sucked if they did manage to reach the finals.

Congrats Spain.

EDIT: Stupid me, I forgot they won the European Championship already last time.
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2012-06-30 09:34 am

Mrs. Cruise no more

Katie Holmes filed for divorce after six years of marriage to Tom Cruise.

Well, who did not not see that coming.

I am going to stick to my opinion that that guy is creepy as hell. I'm happy for every woman that he married and restrained during the years of union to have finally found their freedom. There is going to be a nasty fight for the sole custody of Suri, and I wish Katie all the luck.
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2012-06-08 10:39 pm
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Went working out again. And it has been a while since the last time. Dear sweet Jesus, everything hurts.
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2012-06-07 08:49 pm
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Picking up on writing again

 I have forgotten how difficult it is to write. Given that I have abandoned my old fic and haven't written anything for ages, it's terribly difficult to find the right words for a worth reading story. And now that I have found my muse for another fandom the urge to write a story down is strong. Especially if said fandom do not offer that much fics for the pairings I ship.

But, ugh, the words, the grammar, the plot. It sickens me having a story in my mind and not being able to complete it because right there when I'm writing, I discover how incomplete the plot is and that results me leaving it.

I've got five stories going on in my head. All of them about Gokaiger. And I got one for Kamen Rider Decade. Each of them roughly sketched. Three of them I'm mainly working on. Two, where I am at the process of slowly and leisurely unraveling the whole plot. But it's progressing way too slow for my taste. Not one of them even have a title. I just saved them as MarvAhim, AhimCrew, MarvCrew, MarvAhim2, MarvJoeAhim and NatsumiTsukasa.
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2012-06-05 03:58 pm
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(no subject)

LJ is gradually decreasing. It's been a while since I have updated anything at all. I am guessing nothing will change about that for I am a sucker at writing a journal...
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2010-02-10 09:50 am
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2010-02-01 05:34 pm
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Hello LJ, I'm still here

Well, it has been quite a while since I've posted anything here. :-/ I feel terribly bad for neglecting my journal. Also feel bad for my flist, but real life have just been bugging me with stuff. I'm in my 5th term now in the university here in Darmstadt and from the beginning I have been pretty much occupied with studying and reviewing. Halfway every term I am busy preparing for my exams and I haven't even written the last one, the next term starts already. *sigh*

We do not really have spring break here, or any kind of semester break. The first three months of the term, we have lectures, projects and stuff. At the last three or two months of the term, our exams start. Therefore, even though the lecture period is done, the real hardship begins.

I call this period 'Meine dreimonatige Isolation'.
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2009-09-28 10:24 pm
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I spent 5 days in London with my friends last week, and yeah, aside of visiting the common tourists sights, we went to King's Cross too.

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2009-06-26 01:54 am
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The King of Pop is no more

Micheal Jackson is dead. Oh shit, he's really gone.

Jackson was pronounced dead after arriving at a Los Angeles hospital in full cardiac arrest, Los Angeles coroner Fred Corral said. The cause of death was not known and an autopsy would likely take place on Friday, he said.

Jackson's sudden death had been reported earlier by U.S. media including the Los Angeles Times and the TMZ entertainment website, which said he was taken ill at his home and rushed to the hospital by paramedics who found him not breathing when they arrived.

Damn. And to top that Farrah Fawcett also passed the same day.

Rest in peace both of you. Whatever tragedies you have outgone in the past years Mike, you'll always stay the greatest Pop singer ever.

Watch Michael Jackson - Thriller (Full Length) in Musik  |  View More Free Videos Online at
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2009-04-05 10:27 pm
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Child maltreatment

My mother wanted to call me Luigi in case I turned out to be a boy. Thankfully, I had XX chromosomes. I often considered this as one of the things that I would have never forgiven my mother about. Then again, she was the one who constantly taught me to always take into account that there other people in the world submitted to a much awful fate than I do. Alas, she was right again:

Jamie Oliver's wife Jools gave birth to their 3rd daughter. Well everybody, we proudly present:

Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver.

Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

Surely her sisters Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo are utterly delighted about their new sister.

Jesus, talk about a lifetime punishment. How could parents abuse their own child like this?!

Don't take me wrong guys, I love Jamie Oliver - in fact, as an amateur cook, I'm a big fan of his cooking shows. Unfortunately, I do not support this naming trend, where I make a fool of my kids, and myself, by giving them peculiar clown names.
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2009-03-19 08:54 am
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Lately, I have become an ardent fan of Youtube. Almost everything you could watch on TV irritates me to death - it's so unhealthy. So, I seldom use the television as an occupation. I thank God for providing us with an alternative source of entertainment.

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly, your printer is a brat.
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2009-02-03 09:53 pm
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Prince Caspian aka Aro?

WTF? Ben Barnes is going to star in the Twilight series too?

Well, there are these new posters of the upcoming sequels of Twilight, and I clicked on the Breaking Dawn poster first. And there at the bottom was his name.

I don't know what to think of this. What do you guys think of seeing Prince Caspian with fangs? :D

EDIT: Whoopsi, my fault. I didn't really look properly at the poster, but they where created by a fan XD. Still, it is true that Ben Barnes is considering a role in the Twilight sequels...
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2009-01-30 08:02 pm
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Dear tabloid reporters...

You guys are all so fucking stupid:

A very 'disturbing' picture of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart leaked out in the internet, according to some gossip blog.

And the most funny part is, I believe that who ever started this gossip just, err, removed the white frame of the, uh,  polaroid which means that those dumbass journalists might knew that this is fake.

Here's the original manip .

Oh damn, I wished I joined the community a lot earlier before this manip was posted, I would have found it much more hilarious.

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2009-01-27 05:06 pm
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(no subject)

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2009-01-27 01:02 am
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The saga goes on...

Ok, it's getting better. Stephanie Meyers, I'm beginning to forgive you.

I'm listening to the audio book of Eclipse right now. Chapter 11. Where Edward makes Bella wear a biker jacket. Somehow it reminds me of Elfquest and Stephanie Plum novels.
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2009-01-25 08:38 pm

Chocolate covered strawberries

Oh Jesus, I cannot wait for strawberry season!

Let's see, a cup of whole strawberries has 0.46g of fat and 46kcal. And if you coat them only in dark chocolate then that would only add - if you use 100g of course - about 44g of fat and 610kcal.

That's not much, right? Right?!